Hey look at That! A new skit! :o

I felt like writing a skit…. Remember all of these are copyright Friendly Dragon. But, yes, I’m kinda copying all the other skit authors, but hey! I like being a playwright. By the way, I got inspiration for Scarlett’s name from ‘The Puzzle Ring’ (I forgot the name of the author, but it’s a good book, you should read it)

Scarlett the Spy- Episode 1


Scarlett- Friendly Dragon (Friendly Dragon poses in the pictures)

Narrator- Friendly Dragon

Friendly Dragon- Hi! Welcome to my first Skit. Scarlett started spying because she was born in Spy Island, and proved her worth by defeating B.A.D ( and Director D.) at the age of nine! Now at eleven, she is a Super Spy.

Protecting the people on Spy Island.

Friendly Dragon- She soon got tired of of Spy Island, which had no other rogue spies besides B.A.D. She heard that the weird kid who always stood on top of the tallest tower on Main Street knew something about the rest of Poptropica, though. She used her Grappling Bow-tie t get to the top.

Scarlett- Have you ever been out of Spy Island?

Kid- Yes! My family went on a vacation to Shark Tooth Island. But we had to cut it short. 😦

Scarlett- Why?

Kid- Because Booga, that huge Shark which was causing trouble had been revived. Apparently, it had been knocked out cold, and couldn’t terrorize people. but someone managed to remove that medecine from him.

Scarlett- That’s pity. They should have gotten someone to tame him, and move him from the sea to a huge aquarium. Or knocked him out temporarily and then done that.

Kid- Yes, well, they should have done that. But some platforms have been removed, so no one can get to the Medecine Man.

Friendly Dragon- Scarlett had read all the Travel brochures of poptropica. She understood what the Kid had said.

Scarlett- Thank You!

Friendly Dragon- She jumped down safely, thanks to her Bow tie. She went to the bathroom in the Spy headquarters and locked the door. She didn’t come out, but a tourist girl around her age came out. Okay, it WAS scarlett. but she was diguised as a tourist. pscarlett was smart. She knew that no one outside Spy Island would take her seriously…. but they’d probably help a poor, ‘lost’ tourist.

The Tourist Disguise

Friendly Dragon- She wore two bags… a messenger bag for her spy kit and torch, and her backpack for all her stuff.  She found a boat going to Shark Tooth Island. She sat there with her notebook, ad started writing everything the Kid had told her, plus some other stuff. She was determined to catch the culprit. She wasn’t only a Spy. She was Detective.

Okay, there was a lot of Narration in this episode, but I promise there’ll be less in the others. this one was the first episode, tht’s why there was so much narration.

So, you wanna know what happens? Stay tuned, and don’t forget to comment (really, please comment)!


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