The Adventures of Curious Bee Episode 12 Part 2

Brave Tomato: Hey guys. Last time we saw Curious Bee and her group, they arrived at Skullduggery Island, to take a look around. Well… that’s pretty much all they did, except buy a boat. Sigh… there’s not much to talk about here. Let’s get this going.

*curtains open*

Quiet Snake: Are we there yet?

Bendy Tornado: No.

*seconds pass*

Quiet Snake: Are we there yet?

Nice Sword: *sigh* not yet.

Quiet Snake: Are we there yet?

Curious Bee: Just calm down Quiet Snake! We’re almost there.

*seconds pass*

Quiet Snake: Are we there yet?

Blue Skull: Can you please stop asking that question?

Curious Bee: Guys, just calm down. We’ll be there in no time.

Nice Sword: I see land!

Curious Bee: See? I told you it will be in no time.

Quiet Snake: Finally!

Blue Skull: Now you can stop asking that question.

(from left to right) Bendy Tornado, Blue Skull, Quiet Snake, Nice Sword, and Curious Bee

Lone Ring: Welcome to Parrot Port!

Bendy Tornado: Uh… who are you?

Lone Ring: Lone Ring. Vacationer. Tourist. U know.

Curious Bee: Nice to meet you, Lone. We’re just passing through.

Lone Ring: That’s nice.

Bendy Tornado: Yeah.

Quiet Snake: Very.

Lone Ring: …

Blue Skull: Uh… what is it?

Lone Ring: Pirates.

Curious Bee: What? *turns around* Oh dear.

*Lone Ring runs off*

Quiet Snake: …

Curious Bee: Should we run?


*Pirates dock up*

Pirate 1: This is a raid! Give us what you have! *he and other pirates take out swords*

Curious Bee: Not. Good. Uh… hate to break it to you guys, but I lost my wallet, and…

Pirate 2: GET THE RAFT!

*pirates steal raft and kidnapps the CB group* Curious Bee: No! Wait! *gets gagged*

Bendy Tornado: You know, I used to be in a gang! *gets gagged*

Blue Skull: Hey! *gets gagged*

Nice Sword: You know, my last name is Sword! *gets gagged*

Quiet Snake: … Am I there yet? *gets gagged*

*Pirates kidnap the CB group and takes the raft and group on their boat*

Curious Bee: HELP!

*curtain close*

Brave Tomato: Well, that was intense. Tune in next episode to see what happens next!

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