Death, Dragons, and Maps

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Red Dragon Island map revealed!

Here’s your first look at the map for Red Dragon Island, presented by Magic Tree House.

Is the suspense killing you yet? We’ll have exciting news about this new Island very soon!

avatar image

*walking across a road and airplane hits Super Thunder*
Super Thunder: Ow! That hur-Oh, a post! *posts* :O Are the Creators’ murderers?! The want me to DIE!? But… I’m a good person!I’m nice and stuff! Ok, once, I might have accidentally pushed a kid who annoyed me off a cliff. And maybe I threw a textbook at a teacher who made me mad. And maybe I… never mind. Maybe the dragon in Red Dragon Island will eat me, or burn me up or something.
Random Person: :O Destroy her!!!
Super Thunder: Wai… what?
Random Person: Attack!
Super Thunder: I’m innocent!
Random Person: Grr!
The rest of the scene has been cut off due to violence, PopGum, and Super Thunder jumping off a cliff.

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