The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 11

Brave Tomato: Hi, I’m sorry for the long delay between Curious Bee episodes. I was just having a hard time coming up with ideas. Well, anyways, last time we saw Curious Bee, she was going loco and was having a bunch of random mood swings because of her madness. Finally, her friends Quiet Snake, Nice Sword, Bendy Tornado, and Blue Skull escaped from the Poptropica Problems Academy with a fainted Curious Bee. They’re gonna drop off Curious Bee at…

(curtains open)

Brave Tomato: Hey! I wasn’t finished yet!

Audience member: Move out of the way! You’re blocking the adventure!

Brave Tomato: Fine. *walks away*


Bendy Tornado: Where exactly are we going?

Blue Skull: I have no idea.

Quiet Snake: Wait, who’s driving again?

Nice Sword: Where exactly are we?

Curious Bee: Everybody please just calm down. Quiet Snake, do you have a map?

Quiet Snake: Uhh…

Blue Skull: Quiet Snake…

Nice Sword: Don’t tell us that you left the map behind.

Quiet Snake: No I didn’t! It’s right in my backpack. *throws stuff out of backpack* Compass? No. Island brochure? No. Cell phone? No. Statuette of Apollo I got from Mythology Island? No. Shark fin? No. Balloon? No…

Curious Bee: Oh, no.

 Bendy Tornado: Perfect. Just perfect.

Nice Sword: Great. Now how are we supposed to know where we are?

Quiet Snake: Uh… compass?

Blue Skull: That’s not really going to help if we DONT HAVE A MAP!

Curious Bee: Arguing isn’t going to help, guys. Mom confiscated my map. I can’t see her. She’ll ground me for the rest of my life.

Nice Sword: Wait, I think I have an extra…

Quiet Snake: Please do, please do…

Nice Sword: Yes! *takes out map*

Bendy Tornado: That’s great, NS, but why didn’t you tell us before?

Nice Sword: Just remembered.

Curious Bee: Great, now we’re back on track. We need to get to an island soon.

Nice Sword: And the closest island is… Skullduggery!

Curious Bee: Skullduggery Island? You mean the one with the pirates?

Bendy Tornado: Yeah, I think so.

Quiet Snake: *reads from island brochure* Skullduggery Island: An island known for its danger of pirates, led by none other than Captain Crawfish. Skullduggery Island is a series of islands where you have to go by boat. It is an island of trade, seas, and danger on every turn including storm, sea monsters, and, of course, ruthless pirates. Note: Don’t feed the Kraken.

Curious Bee: Captain Crawfish? I did a research paper on him once. He was born into a life of misery and poverty. His real name is Lone Crawfish. Orphaned at a young age, he was set out with one thing on his mind: to gain wealth. He changed his name to Captain Crawfish and he set out on his boat when he was only 6 years old! He hired his crew and set out his goal at first peacefully. However, that didn’t turn out so well, for during those times, people were greedy and held on to their items, so Captain Crawfish decided to become a pirate and steal from the innocent. To this day, Captain Crawfish is still the most feared pirate on the high seas. 

Nice Sword: Wow.

Blue Skull: Amazing how you memorized your paper.

Quiet Snake: We’re here!

Curious Bee: Great! This trip took forever!

Bendy Tornado: You can say that again!

Curious Bee: Great! This trip…

Bendy Tornado: I was only kidding!

Curious Bee: Well, anyways, thanks for everything. I wouldn’t be able to escape that madhouse if it wasn’t for you guys.

Nice Sword: What are friends for?

Quiet Snake: Wait!

Curious Bee: What is it?

Quiet Snake: We want to come with you.

Nice Sword, Bendy Tornado, & Blue Skull: Yeah!

Curious Bee: You do? I would love it. Just to let you know, I’ll be going to a whole lot more islands. Just wait. You’ll see. In the meantime, let’s check out Skullduggery Island.

*curtains close*

Brave Tomato:… they’ll be going to Skullduggery Island.

Audience Member: We already know that! The episode is over!

Brave Tomato: It is? *looks at stay tuned sign* Oh.Well anyways, I’m gonna have a contest. The winners get to be the actors of Quiet Snake, Nice Sword, Blue Skull, and Bendy Tornado. Ok, here’s the deal:

CONTEST: Create a costume for either Quiet Snake, Nice Sword, Blue Skull, or Bendy Tornado based on their personalities, about them, or even maybe their names! Please note that Nice Sword and Quiet Snake are girls and Blue Skull and Bendy Tornado are boys. The contest will be over April 15th, 2011. Please tell us the character you are trying for, and post the links to your costumes in the comments section. The winners will become the actors of the characters they costumized for. Good Luck, everybody!

What will happen to Curious Bee and her friends next? Check out Episode 12 coming soon!

8 thoughts on “The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 11

  1. I know this is random but I seriously think i know what the new poptropica island is. I think they are doing one of those islands where they join up. Like Choose your own adventure nabooti or great pumpkin. I think this one is going to be joined with Magic Tree house books. Probably the Japanese one.

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