Honey, why is the baby on fire?

I was bored. xD

Anyways, let’s continue with dis post. 😀 First off, I guess CC’s (captain crawfish) tongue is on fire, since um, DUH, he got luck and a chili shower came a burned his tongue. That’s good. Cause he sunk my ship a million times. xD

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Slots of fun

Wild West Island will be open to everybody this Friday, March 11. Those of you who have been waiting to play Wild West Island are going to feel like you’ve hit the jackpot — and if you spin the reel outside the Dos Cactos casino, you may actually hit the jackpot!

Line ’em up just right, and you’ll see a celebratory shower of red chili peppers.

Do you think luck is on your side? Find out this Friday when Wild West Island opens for everyone!

avatar image

No, luck isn’t on my side. Because some one died on my birthday. xD

Also, There’s some one stalking you. And if your in Antartica, you are very likely to experience this moment, of STALKNESS. :O

There’s no man like snow man

Ever get the feeling you’re being watched?

I thought snowmen were supposed to have charcoal for eyes.

avatar image

And I thought this post would be over. xD
That’s all for now, and here are some things that the creators updated:
HOLY COW. YOU CAN NOW CUSTOMIZE ANYTHING IN THE HANDS! (Except some items, but I got this cool skateboard! :D)
Info Pages on their blog! Info, info, info, is this homework?
And one cool outfit:

Awesome, with extra awesome sauce. 😀

And, that’s all. 😀


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