The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 9!

Brave Tomato: Last time we saw Curious Bee, she was taken away from her journey, taken to the Poptropica Problems Academy. The last words Curious Bee had stated were “I hate you, Mom.”

(curtain opens with dramatic music)

*Curious Bee is being pulled down the hallway.*

Curious Bee: Let me go!

Staff Member 1: Now I see why you were sent here. You’re disobedient, you’re hurtful, and you’re a theif.


*Curious Bee is thrown into her dorm room, 4 students stare at her*

Quiet Snake: Who is she?

Bendy Tornado: Must be a newbie.

Curious Bee: Uh… hi?

Blue Skull: Who are you?

Curious Bee: I’m Curious Bee. I got here because i’m “disobedient, hurtful, and a theif”. That’s what one of the staff  members said.

Nice Sword: Hi, I’m Nice Sword. I got here because I ran away from home.

Blue Skull: Blue Skull. Stole from the Poptropica Store.

Quiet Snake: Quiet Snake. I’m here because I ran away from home.

Bendy Tornado: Bendy Tornado. I’m here because I joined a gang.

Curious Bee: *sigh*

Nice Sword: Don’t worry about the staff worker’s words. He’s just a big jerk.

Curious Bee: Come on, sit down. I’ll tell you my story.

*Curious Bee tells dorm members her story from Episode 1 till now.*

Quiet Snake: You’re mom’s an idiot.

*all laugh*

Staff Member 2: NOT TOO LOUD, MAGGOTS!

Dorm Members: *sigh*

Curious Bee: I don’t belong here. Mom’s overreacting.

Blue Skull: We understand. You only wanted to explore Poptropica, but with your mom… she thinks it’s too dangerous?

Curious Bee: My mom thinks that Early Poptropica is the safest island in Poptropica, and she wants me only there. She says that Shark Tooth is too dangerous and “sharky”, Time Tangled “affects your future in huge ways”, 24 Carrot has disappearances and a weird rabbit guy, Super Power Island is “super-dangerous”, Spy Island makes you “lose your hair”, Nabooti’s “too different”, Big Nate Island is “way too unique and comical”, Astro-Knights is “out-of-this-world dangerous”, Counterfeit Island is “not the best artwork”, Reality TV Island is “too addicting to TV”, Mythology Island…. well…. I understand Mythology Island, Skullduggery Island is “too pirated”, Steamworks is “too empty”, Great Pumpkin “makes you think Halloween is all year round”, Cryptids Island is “too greedy”, Wild West has these bandits, and Wimpy Wonderland contains gangsters and video game addicts.

Nice Sword: Wow. Amazing how you said that all in one breath.

Curious Bee: Yeah. That always happens.

Staff Member 2: SLEEP TIME MAGGOTS!!!!!

Quiet Snake: Well… night.

Bendy Tornado: Night.

Blue Skull: Night.

Nice Sword: Nice… I mean night.

Curious Bee: Night.

Will Curious Bee and her new-found friends ever escape the madhouse? Find out Episode 10! Yes, I said 10.

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