From The Stupid Girl

Hi. Um. I haven’t posted. 😀
I have school. And I’m depressed. Yeaahh… 😐
Do you guys want me to leave?


6 thoughts on “From The Stupid Girl

  1. What? What are ya talking about? I know that the past 2 months have been tough. Besides, it’s not our decision for you to leave: its what YOU believe. *touches heart* Decide what YOU want to decide. Follow your heart’s desire. If you want to stay, that’s great. If you want to resign, we understand. Just remember: do what YOUR heart wants you to.

  2. The only reason I’d want you to leave would be for me to become an author. But besides that I do NOT want you to leave. I’d miss your posts soo much, and even if my first sentence came true, I’d feel bad that such an awesome author was replaced my boring, stupid ME.

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