The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 8

Brave Tomato: Hello Hello. Last time we saw Curious Bee, she ended up on Spy Island, annoying a few Poptropicans and almost lost her hair *literally*. This is an audition episode, meaning this episode contains the results of the previous audition. Congrats to those who made it, 3 of you did, and don’t worry to the ones that didn’t 🙂

(curtain opens)

*Curious Bee is asleep*

Voice: Help!

*Curious Bee wakes up to see a floating boy*

Balloon Boy: HELP!

Curious Bee: What the?

Balloon Boy: HELP!!!!

Curious Bee: Okay okay, I’ll get you down. *gets BB down*

Balloon Boy: Thanks, you’re a life saver.

Curious Bee: Don’t mention it. Where did you come from?

Balloon Boy: Counterfeit Island. I’ve been floating around for a long while.

Curious Bee: You must be starving. Here: have some popgum.

Balloon Boy: Thanks. *chew popgum*

Curious Bee: I’ll bring you back to Counterfeit Island.

(lands on Counterfeit Island)

Happy Thunder: Hey, isn’t that Balloon Boy?

(crowd gathers around Balloon Boy)

Balloon Boy: Why are you calling me Balloon Boy? My name is Green Flyer.

Balloon Boy’s Mom: My sonnnn!!!!! *hugs BB*

Balloon Boy: Mom, ok, stop the hugging! I miss you too.

Balloon Boy’s Mom: How can I ever thank you, such a kind tourist!

Curious Bee: I don’t need anything. I’m on my own journey.

Balloon Boy’s Mom: You sure?

Curious Bee: Positive.

Happy Thunder: You know, you actually did a pretty good thing right here.

Mad Dragon: You’re a hero! You brought Balloon Boy down!

Balloon Boy: It’s Green Flyer!

Fearless Scorpion: This is Fearless Scorpion: Ace Poptropican News Reporter on the scene where Balloon Boy had been brought down! Now tell me, hero, what is your name?

Curious Bee: *blushes* Curious Bee.

Fearless Scorpion: Curious Bee! A splendid name! So tell me, how were you able to get Balloon Boy down?

Balloon Boy: It’s Green Flyer!

Curious Bee: Well, I was just wandering around in my family’s blimp when I heard him calling for help….

(meanwhile back at the Bee household)

Safe Bee: What’s this?!

Curious Bee: *on TV* and I was able to get Balloon Boy down just by a tug of the string, literally.

Safe Bee: So that’s where my daughter is. I miss her so much! *to Lucky Bee (father)* Honey, I’m going to Counterfeit Island! Our daughter’s there!

Lucky Bee: Ok.

(Safe Bee goes on a boat and heads to Counterfeit Island)

Safe Bee: CURIOUS BEE!!!!!!!

Curious Bee: Mo-mo-mom? What are you doing here?!

Safe Bee: *hugs CB* I missed you so much… but you’re in so much TROUBLE, Miss Bee!

Curious Bee: But Mom…

Safe Bee: What are you doing out here, in this dangerous world?! I want you at Early Poptropica, and ONLY EARLY POPTROPICA!

Curious Bee: But Mom…

Safe Bee: But WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

Curious Bee:…we’re still rolling.

*crowd awkwardly stares at Curious Bee and Safe Bee, especially Fearless Scorpion*

Safe Bee: Uh-uh-uh… we are?

*Cameraman nods*

Curious Bee: Uh…

Fearless Scorpion: Well… here we have it: the hero Curious Bee! Channel 2: Poptropica News. Now back to the studio…. *camera turns off* *sigh* I really need my agent right about now.

Mad Dragon: I’m guessing that was pretty embarassing for you, Curious Bee.

Curious Bee: Yeah… I guess it was.

Happy Thunder: Ouch.

Safe Bee: ……I’m sending you to the Poptropica Problems Academy.

Curious Bee: MOM!!!!!!!

*helicopter appears saying “Poptropica Problems Academy”*

Curious Bee: *pushed into the helicopter* I-I hate you, Mom.

Safe Bee: It’s for your own good.

*helicopter flys away* Curious Bee: MOM!!!!! 😥

(curtain closes)

Brave Tomato: Ok… that was bad. Don’t worry, this isn’t the series finale. There will be more to come. Congratulations to Happy Thunder, Mad Dragon, and Fearless Scorpion to making it in this episode! Poor Curious Bee…

What will happen now that Curious Bee is sent to the Poptropica Problems Academy? Find out in the next episode: Episode 9!


6 thoughts on “The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 8

    • Yeah… sorry. You were already in an episode, and I only want to make it fair.

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