A bunch of good sites I recommend.

Icy Comet has her own awesome blog. It’s about Poptropica, too. icycomet.wordpress.com

Brave Tomato recently got  her garden! bravetomatoofthepoptropicagardens.wordpress.com

I made a blog based on the Percy Jackson series. It’s about the Hunters, so no boys. Sorry! If this Hunter site shows success, I’ll make a Camper sight. huntressesofartemis.wordpress.com

Emo Sparkle’s blog is cool too: laicompany.wordpress.com


2 thoughts on “A bunch of good sites I recommend.

  1. no boys. 😦
    ST: Yeah, sorry. Have you read the Percy Jackson series? I might make a Camper’s sight, if the Hunters one shows success.
    BT: In the Percy Jackson Series, the Hunters were a group of girls recruited by Artemis that never grew old, but could die in combat. Plus, they could never date any boys.
    SK: Yea Im mortal!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heyyy wait HT can be percy jackson XD ut that can be a thought

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