The Adventures of Curious Bee! Episode 7

Brave Tomato: Episode 7 already? Wow. Last time on Curious Bee, she ended up falling into Ned Noodlehead’s shop on Super Power Island thanks to Betty Jetty. When Curious Bee recovered, she got her wallet stolen by Copy Cat (or 4 of them at least) and ended up leaving SP island walletless.

(curtain opens)

Curious Bee: *sigh* Well, thanks to Super Power Island, I’m walletless and broke. I can’t go back home to pick up some food, well, we don’t really have food. All I have is plain Popgum *chews Popgum* Well, at least it’s something.

*rides to an island where half of the people there are bald*

Curious Bee: According to the map, this is supposed to be Spy Island. Let me get my tourist’s  guide out… *reads from guide* Spy Island is one of the several mysterious islands where there is danger at every turn. There is an agengy, rumored to be called B.A.D. that like to use laser hair removal to make almost everyone bald. If you are planning to visit this island… keep your heads up for red lasers that would zap your hair off your head.

*Red Flash*

Random Poptropican 1: I’m bald!!!!!!!!!!!

Curious Bee: *looks at braids* Not the best idea to stay outside completly exposed.

*goes under a random poptropican’s umbrella*

Random Poptropican 2: Get your own umbrella, tourist! *pulls umbrella away from Curious Bee’s head*

Curious Bee: I have been called tourist too many times.

Random Poptropican 1: Well, you are one.

Curious Bee: Whatever.

*Red Flash*

Random Poptropican 2: Aw, come on! I only put my umbrella down for a second!

Curious Bee: *giggles*

RP2: Not funny, tourist. Just wait until the laser zaps you.

Curious Bee: *thinks about what happened before landing on Mythology Island* I had enough “zapping” in my life.

*Curious Bee goes into blimp to shelter from red lasers*

Curious Bee: Well, I’m not taking any chances. I’m getting out of here. *flies off*

What will happen next? Find out in Curious Bee: Episode 8

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