The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 6

Brave Tomato: Last time we saw Curious Bee, she concluded her stay at Mythology Island and set off for a new island to continue her adventures. *silence* I wonder why Curious Bee would continue on her adventures even after all of what happened on Mythology Island, pretty soon, I would have to start calling her Brave Bee. But Curious Bee is still curious…

(curtain opens)

Curious Bee: *sigh* Mythology Island was pretty much the island you can get into the most trouble. *sarcastically* After seeing the Underworld, I just can’t wait until I die.

*pink flash like a comet dashes past the blimp*

Curious Bee: What was that?

*Curious Bee’s a flying girl*

Betty Jetty: Hi, I’m just so glad to see you random tourist. Well, I gotta jet and you gotta go down.

*Betty Jetty flies, hitting the basket Curious Bee was on along the way. It knocks Curious Bee out of the blimp*

Curious Bee: AAAAHHHH!

*Curious Bee falls towards Super Power Island*


(a while passed)

Curious Bee: *wakes up* Uggh… what’s with me and falling? *notices she’s in a comic shop*

Ned Noodlehead: What the? Why did you fall through my comic shop’s roof?

Curious Bee: I was knocked down from my blimp by a flying pink haired girl.

Ned Noodlehead: Oh. That was Betty Jetty, one of the 6 supervillians that escaped the prison yesterday morning. She can fly and throw green orbs.

Curious Bee: Supervillians? You mean with super powers and everything?

Ned Noodlehead: That’s what I’m saying. And sorry about my behavior earlier. I just hate people damaging my comic shop on purpose. The other day, Speeding Spike stole money from my cash register. That really hurt me.

Curious Bee: Is Speeding Spike one of the villians that escaped?

Ned Noodlehead: Yeah. He can run really fast, really fast. There’s also Copy Cat, who could clone herself, Ratman, who can make rats his henchmen, Sir Rebral, who has telekinectic powers, and Crusher, who has super strength.

Curious Bee: Wow.

Ned Noodlehead: You can say that again.

Curious Bee: Wow. But, isn’t there any superhero that can save you guys?

Ned Noodlehead: Used to. He retired because he “couldn’t keep up with all these villians”.

Curious Bee: Bad timing.

Ned Noodlehead: Yeah.

Curious Bee: Well, I got to go anyways. My blimp is somewhere lingering around the Poptropican ocean.

Ned Noodlehead: Bye!

*Curious Bee exits shop*

Curious Bee: Hello, officer.

Police Officer: Please don’t tell me you encountered one of the villians, please don’t tell me you encountered one of the villians…

Curious Bee: I had encountered one of the villains.

Police Officer: I told you not to tell me that!

Curious Bee: Well, I had to.

Police Officer: *sigh* Third one today. Who is it now?

Curious Bee: The flying one: Betty Jetty.

Police Officer: What has she done to you?

Curious Bee: While I was passing by here, she knocked me off my blimp and I crash-landed into Ned Noodlehead’s shop.

Police Officer: I was going to check that out. You okay? Seems like a pretty high fall.

Curious Bee: Yeah, I’m ok. Now, however, my blimp is wandering somewhere  around the ocean.

Police Officer: Ouch. Don’t worry, tourist, we’ll track down the blimp in no time.

Curious Bee: Thanks.

Voice: Catch me if you can!

*Curious Bee and Police Officer turn around to see Copy Cat… or maybe 4 of them*

Copy Cat 3: I’ll take that!

Curious Bee: Hey! That was my wallet!

Copy Cat 2: *mimicking* “Hey, that was my wallet!”

(all Copy Cats laugh and run off, continuing pickpocketing other Poptropicans)

Curious Bee: Well, make that two supervillian sightings.

Police Officer: *sigh* Fourth one today. Well anyways, I recieved a message from the office telling me about an abandoned blimp floating around here, I think that is yours.

Curious Bee: What about my wallet?

Police Officer: Don’t worry, tourist, we’ll take care of it, maybe. Just go on, and we’ll contact you if, I mean when we get it.

Curious Bee: *sees her blimp* Thank you, officer.

*runs to the blimp*

Where will Curious Bee end up next? Will she get her wallet back? Find out soon, maybe in episode 7 of Curious Bee!


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