Too Bad…

Hey guys… There is 7 people on the ~superteam
but people still saying Can I be author
please stop its annoying…
BL:Wait yea its annoying anyways
~ the Super Team

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About ѕєℓιηα ∂αυgнтєя σƒ ρσιѕєι∂σηℓ

Hello! I'm a demigod. I am also a hunter of the Greek godess Artemis. I am silivia summers. Yup! I am a daughter of Poiseidon. I have brownie colored hair. I wear silver a lot. I have silver arrows too so beware I might shoot you :D . Just kidding! And ... This is sooo tragic! Us hunters are going to be in a quest! Psssst! Khione godess of winter stole the big three's (Poiseidon, Hades,Zues) powerful weapons! And also I am kidnapped from Khione. Heyyyy I will tell you a secert. I saw Khione but the weapons in a chamber. I am kidnapped in the labyrinth. Where the minotaur lives.Help me!!!!! And my hunting friends are Isabelle,Icecream,Eliza,Diana,Shadow, and Lily. As you know I work on Super Thunder's blog EPIC! right? Like it? Also my blog is P.S I'm a great swimmer! Ciao!

7 thoughts on “Too Bad…

  1. BL’s right. The Super Team is full and people keep asking, “Can I be an author? Can I be an author?” It’s really annoying us and ER already put up a post earlier about no more authors after Icy Comet became one. We shouldn’t have to do this again 😦

  2. I asked but only 2 times.Only because Super Thunder wouldn’t answer the 1st time so I kinda yelled too.Just so I could get an answer cuz it’s kinda annoying how people ignore me.EVERY DAY.EVERY TIME I SAY SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Super Thunder: Look, I know that you might get frustrated, but going through comments and sorting them out isn’t the easiest job eveer.

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