The Adventures of Curious Bee Episode 5 Part 3

Brave Tomato: Hi, I apologize for the delay of the new Curious Bee part, but the auditions made it run nice and smoothly. There were a bunch of Poptropicans who tried out, and sadly, not all of them made it, but now, rather than 3 parts, I added one more extra part! Why? Because I love you guys. 🙂 Well anyways, here’s the return of Curious Bee!

(curtain rolls open)

*Curious Bee is wandering around the Main Street of Mythology Island asking them about the mystery mortal.*

Curious Bee: Did you see the fight?

Cuddly Walker: I saw it! And it was freaky and awesome at the same time! It was rad! 😀

Curious Bee: Did you remember what the mystery mortal looked like?

Cuddly Walker: I don’t really remember, but I’ll help you find her if you want.

Curious Bee: I will gladly appreciate it!

*Curious Bee and Cuddly Walker continues asking questions to random Poptropicans*

Cuddly Walker: Hi, I was wondering, do you know the person who fought against Zeus?

Brave Lightning: Umm… I wasn’t there when it happened, but there was a lot of buzz around the whole mortal vs. god fight around here. I’ll help look for her if you like. I think it’s a her.

Curious Bee: Thanks! 😀

*With Brave Lightning joined in the group, they still ask questions*

Brave Lightning: Look! There’s Super Thunder over there! I’ll go ask her. *goes up to Super Thunder* Hi Super Thunder!

Super Thunder: BL! What’s up?

Brave Lightning: Do you know anything about the person who fought against Zeus?

Super Thunder: Well, I have been involved in the gods’ buisnesses a few times, but I don’t really know anything about that fight.

Brave Lightning: Why don’t you join us? The more in the group, the easier to find the mystery mortal!

Super Thunder: Sure.

*Curious Bee, Cuddly Walker, Brave Lightning, and Super Thunder continue searching, with no such luck*

Cuddly Walker: I think we asked pretty much all of the people on Mythology Island.

Curious Bee: I don’t think we asked everyone yet. This is only Main Street. I’ll check over by the beach.

Brave Lightning: How do you expect anyone on the beach with these storm clouds around?

Curious Bee: I think I know someone who can help.

*the group goes to the beach and sees Red Heart, clearing out her bag*

Red Heart: Gosh, how much stuff can one bag fit? *something falls out of bag* Whoops! *puts it back in the bag* Don’t wanna lose that!

Curious Bee: Hi.

Red Heart: Oh, hi. You’re the girl who washed up on the beach.

Super Thunder: You washed up on the beach?

Curious Bee: Long story. Anyways, do you know anything about the mystery girl?

Red Heart: *frowns* I know her very well.

Curious Bee: You do? Who is it?

Red Heart: It is me. I am the “mystery mortal”.

*all others gasp*

Red Heart: I have these things, and I want to return them, but there barely is time. *gives Posideon’s Trident and Hades’ Crown*

Curious Bee: I’ll take care of them for you.

Red Heart: Thanks!

Curious Bee: I need one more thing from you.

Red Heart: What is it?

Curious Bee: I met Aphrodite here on the beach, she wants her mirror back.

Red Heart: You sure you met Aphrodite?

Curious Bee: Positive.

Red Heart: Okay then, here you go. *gives mirror*

Curious Bee: First things first.

*Curious Bee dives underwater and puts the trident near Posideon’s castle.*

Super Thunder: Nice job with the trident, but how do you get to the underworld to return the crown?

Curious Bee: I think I know where it is, but first, I need to give the mirror to Aphrodite. I’ll be right back.

*Curious Bee goes a little bit of a distance from the rest of the group, and holds up the mirror*

*Aphrodite appears*

Aphrodite: You bring what I seek?

Curious Bee: Yup, right here. *gives mirror to Aphrodite*

Aphrodite: Thank you, you’re such a sweetheart.

*Aphrodite disappears*

Curious Bee: *walks back to the group* I’m back!

Brave Lightning: Let’s get the crown back to Hades!

Red Heart: Guys, you don’t mind if I come along too?

Cuddly Walker: Sure, you might be a little bit of help.

Curious Bee: Okay!

*Curious Bee, Cuddly Walker, Brave Lightning, Super Thunder, and Red Heart leave the beach and head towards Hades’ realm.*

Charon: You again? Come back when you’re dead.

Red Heart: We’re not going to the underworld. Please take this back to Hades. I have a drachma.

Charon: Fine. *snatches drachma and crown*

*the group exits the realm*

Curious Bee: Well, at least we gave them back.

Brave Lightning: Yeah, that’s a pretty good thing. 🙂

Super Thunder: I wonder what would’ve happened if we didn’t bring them back.

(meanwhile on Mount Olympus…)

Zeus: What the? How did my foolish brothers get their items back before I did anything? *knocks over a statuette* Those foolish mortals! It’s almost like they knew what I was doing. Curious Bee and the others shall pay! One day. I’ll keep a close eye on her.

(back on Main Street…)

Cuddly Walker: Your blimp is fixed up and ready to go according to the craftsmen.

Brave Lightning: I just hope the craftsmen weren’t lying.

Super Thunder: They didn’t lie, BL. They’re professionals!

Curious Bee: Well I better get going, thank you guys for everything. *to Red Heart* Umm… what’ s your name?

Red Heart: Red Heart. Why?

Curious Bee: I dunno. Just asking. Bye!

*all others wave bye as Curious Bee’s blimp sets off again*

*curtains close and Brave Tomato walks on stage*

Brave Tomato: Well, that concludes Curious Bee’s adventures on Mythology Island, but this doesn’t seem like the last time CB will be involved with the gods’ buisnesses. I would like to take time to congratulate Cuddly Walker, Red Heart, and our very own Super Thunder and Brave Lightning! Now I apologize to the peepz who didn’t make it, for the pick for the parts were random, so don’t be disappointed, there will be more auditions to come. Now tune in next episode, episode 6, to see what happens next to Curious Bee!

*bows and walks off stage*

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