The Poptropica Academy, (Episode 1, Enrolled into danger)


A sunny bright Sunday. Normal. Boring. Maybe. I don’t know.
Bony Laser (my guy…) was enrolled into the Poptropica Academy, random, quirky, and dangerous school. Probably more weird. xD
As being forced to be shoved into the doors of the academy, Bony Laser grabbed her lucky guitar and ran away.
She hid behind the bushes and quickly covered her self with leaves, twigs, maybe even flowers. Her pet dragon, Sparky was in sight. “Oh noes! SPARKY SHUT YOUR MOUTH! Her, take some leaves and put them all over you. We can’t be seen!”
After a while, a faint whisper and a dim light were hovering above head. The’ve been caught. “YOU CAN’T TAKE ME AWAY! I DON’T LIKE SCHOOL! I DON’T WANT TO LEAARRNNNNN!” Bony Laser yelled, getting dragged away and into the school doors.
The halls were quiet in fact, since I have never experience and quiet hall in the beginning of school. Strange. First class today, Potions.
Mr. Dumblewits the 1st was teaching the kids how to cook up a potion, a one that brings up your health during a battle.
“Ok you kids *cough* idiots *cough*, first add dragon’s tongue  then the pink flowers. Add glow-mush and stir. Wait 2 seconds for boiling. Get bowl and scoop up potion when slightly warm, but slightly cold.” He said. The students acted like robots, following the remote’s actions, in this case, Mr. Dumblewits’.
Soon after a while, the bell rang. Next class, fighting.
Fighting, a very popular choice, but the girls just joined it to cheer for boys. Yuck. 😛
Ms. Katrila taught fighting, weird. O_O.
“Class, I will assign your practicing partners at this moment, and they are your partners for the rest of the year. Ok, lets start with you, Trinity…”
After a few minutes, Bony Laser (I just noticed I can’t write BL or it’ll stand for Brave Lightning! xD) was last, and got paired with Giant Moon. (One of my old characters.) “Ok class, first use your sword to poke them slightly. Then jab.” She said. “Ms, will it hurt?” Dangerous Hippo said. “Um, no. You all have force fields, I added them to the beginning of class. That’s why I was making weird faces. DUH. :)” “JAB? Um, ok.” Bony Laser said. She jabbed Giant Moon. “AHHH!” She said, joking.
After 20 minutes, lunch.
(Look for episode 2!)


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