The Super Problem!

(This is told from my (Super Thunder’s) point of view.

I jumped 0ff the helicopter, frowning. They’d caught me and Super Joker, and now we were back at school. I was wearing the stupid uniform. I stubbornly insisted holding a time freeze just in case. I frowned as I walked back to school. A little messege floated across the sky…

They sent me to a room, telling me I had to have a chat with my teacher. I waited impatiently. I stared at my clock. Finally, my worst nightmare came. Ms. Pehrson. I quickly got up, and said “Ms. Pehrson.” in acknowledgement of her. She stared at me. “Thunder.” she said in acknowledgement. I stared at her. She stared at me. “So, um, I hear you cut your hair. It looks nice.”, I said, trying to start a nice conversation. It didn’t work. “Please. Thunder. Just be quiet and listen to your punishment. You, um, once again ran away, lied, and led a younger student to your, ah, lack of rule following.” I stared at her. I was fighting not to yawn. Her voice interrupted my daydreaming. “So, Thunder, you have to come in Detention with me every day for a month.” Well, it wasn’t as if we could do anyhting else. I told her ok, and took off. Once I was safely hidden in a bathroom, I swiped out my phone to text Brave Lightning.

ST: srry i couldnt talk 2 u earlier. i was bz.

BL: dont worry bout it. so what heppened?

ST: i ran away again. fought with khione, typical day.

BL: … khione? who dat?

ST: stupid goddess of sno. now she hates me too.

BL: whtd u do?

ST: um, just try to throw fire at her and blo her up.

BL: …

ST: yea.

BL: u kno, zues hates u already, and apollo. now kiane.


BL: whatevs. u kno what i mean

ST: yea. i gtg TTYL

Super Thunder shut her phone off. There was a gigantic problem. She was in… Spy Island? Hmm. She thought so. How was she going to escape now? She was thinking. A god of… what? Who should she turn to next? Help her decide!


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