Auditions for the Super Show!

Ok, I’m making a new show all about me, Super Thunder! I have an opening for two Poptropican’s; one boy, and one girl. If you’d like to try out to be in one episode of the Super Show, comment here. If you get a (the) part, then you will starr as yourself. Here is a little bit of the first episode: The Super(ior) god.

Super Thunder bit her lip. She sneaked past the lights in Spy Island. She wasn’t supposed to be out at night. “Hummy, you have to be really quiet! We can’t be caught!”


Super Thunder was tryong to run away again. She hated Poptropica Problems Academy. She had been sent there because she was a ‘problem’. She was trying to sneak away, and unfortunately, she was still in her pajamas. She patiently waited behind a bush.

Super Joker, on the other hand, was traveling over the buildings, holding his stuffed soccer ball. He made his way down, to where his cousin, Super Thunder, was hiding. “Come, on Jokers!”, Super Thunder said.

They slowly made their way to the blimp. Just as they entered Main Street, a sudden blast of snow stopped them. “Umm, is it supposed to snow in Spy Island, Thunder?”, asked Super Joker surprised by the sudden snow. He hugged his soccer ball tightly. Super Thunder didn’t feel comfortable by the snow either. “Um, I don’t think… Unless… Well, I don’t know, but if we wanna get to Early Poptropica, we’re gonna freeze like this!” She shivered, to make her point. She climbed to a building to see the strange snow.

Suddenly, Super Thunder had a thought. What if… What if Khione, goddess of snow was doing this? No. Impossible. To remain conspicuous, Khone wouldn’t do this. Only Apollo did things like this. She remembered the terrible burning memory… “Jokers! We have to leave. NOW!”, she cried. Artemis had already saved her once, but she didn’t think she would be saved again. Especially, because she had a guy with her. The snow swiveled faster. They ran to the blimp.

They took off to Early Poptropica. They slept in shifts. The snowstorm continued, harder. Finally, after many waters, they started seeing land. “There!”, said Super Thunder. Super Joker told her to shut up, and he continued steering. Finally, they started to land. But something strange happened. Everything started to turn blue and swirly. The Supers realized they were being transported. They shimmered, and dissapeared. They realized they were at a cold mountain top. The snowstorm swirled, and Super Joker and Super Thunder were freezing in no time. They walked a little while. Then, they saw a shimmery figure. Super Thunder gasped. “Super Joker! I… I can’t believe it! I think… it’s Khione! Goddess of the snow.”, Super Thunder said. They came closer.

Khione shot streams of snow beside them. “What a smart girl thee are, Super Star Thunder. And what a brave companion you brought with thee. Tell me, how did thou and Super Spike Joker manage to get here? I wouldv’e thought thee would’ve been killed along the way.”, Khione said, in a voice as cold, and as sweet as snow.Super Thunder looked at Super Joker. His expression was surprised… but she could not find fear in his face. He seemed surprised… like he had just seen the sun for the first time. The sun for the first time… “You’re beautiful, Khione.”, said Super Joker in a voice like a trance. Super Thunder started to panic. But then, she remembered. A long time ago… 

  “Why don’t thou join me, Super Joker? I would give you things Super Thunder could never give you?”, Khione said. Super Thunder started lighting her flamethrower wand. She just had to get close enough…. “Khione. What a smart and bautiful goddess you are. If I could just touch your skin, how greatful I’d be!”, Super Thunder said. Khione, mystified, stepped forward. She got close enough so that Super Thunder could light her, and pull herself and Super Joker to a Multiverse.

She and Super Joker were at a Multiverse. They waited and waited. After a while, they heard a helicopter. A helicopter labeled “The Poptropica Problems Academy”…

THE END! of episode 1. Stay tuned for Episode two : The Super Problem!

Ok, a lot of you have been wondering what you have to do to try out. Just say that you want to do it, and add a link of your Poptropican dressed in the following theme: for girls: Unnaturally pretty girl For boys: Handsome guy that is prince like.


20 thoughts on “Auditions for the Super Show!

  1. I can act.
    Can I go plz for example.
    Yeah. Its weird to act on the internet but uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Plz!
    I mean.
    May I please have the part?

  2. It was late at night at the Bearville Hotel. Rain was pouring down hard on the window pane. It was me and Tyla on the floor waiting for Mom to get back.
    “When is she coming?” Tyla asked in her little sweet voice. “I don’t know.” I replied. Then CRACK lightning.

    that was an example of my skills. Lol. Skills.

  3. ST came out of a helicopter…
    WHAT? happened said Brave Lightning still in her pJs
    Heres a long story…said ST
    WT? U lit up a godess you can be killed!!!!!!! said Bravelightning

  4. *head spins round and round* I became reminded of this awesome episode thingy. I got bored so I looked into old archives, and found this. Me head is spinning like crazy due to the epicosity

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