The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 3

Brave Tomato: Last time we saw Curious Bee, she was knocked over by the totem pole on Nabooti Island, and the other Poptropicans had their eyes fixed on it. Curious Bee stormed of back to her balloon, and the adventures continue…

(curtain rolls open)

Curious Bee: *sigh* Well, Nabooti didn’t turn out so well. All the Poptropicans there only care about jewels and intergalactic totem poles. I hope this next island would be any better…

(blimp flys over to an island where the poptropicans worship sharks)

Curious Bee: Shark Tooth Island! I’ve always wanted to come here, I want to swim! There’s no oceanic area in Early Poptropica!

(Curious Bee dashes to Booga Bay and jumps in the water)

Curious Bee: Wow! I’ve never jumped into an ocean before! Besides, I wonder why this place is called Shark Tooth Island.

(Curious Bee see’s a shark fin in the water)

Curious Bee: Ummm… what was that?????

(the shark lunges towards her, but misses)

Curious Bee: *screams*

(Curious Bee dashes out of the water and runs towards the blimp)

Grass Skirt Salesman: Want to buy a stylish grass skirt?

Curious Bee: No thanks!

(CB continues running)

Cocunut Milk Salesman: Before you leave, want to buy some refreshing Cocunut Milk?

Curious Bee: You see, I’m in a rush here!

Shark Fin Salesman: Want to get a shark fin to honor the sharks?

Curious Bee: No!

(gets on the blimp)

Curious Bee: *pants* Gee, how many salesmen are there on this island?!

(flies off)

Part 4 coming soon…

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