Have u seen the recent ad?
It’s from Open Season 3! (I’ve seen Open Season 2)
What you’re supposed to do is to help boog get across the wire.

You get a circus bear costume and a bunny hat.

(RABBIT FIGHT! xD) (You’d get it if you watched the 2nd) 🙂

~fireflies and owl city (fandowl)

*UPDATE* BY Super Thunder

The walkthrough:

I came across a place like this in one of my travel’s in Early Poptropica:

Well, I went inside, and went up, They wanted me to help Boog.

Boog needs my help, huh? Well, doesn’t everything in Poptropica go that way? People need your help, and you go and save the day. Oh well, just help him!

Tilt it back and forth slowly. When you’re done, you will get these prizes:

Yes, I’m sure the ‘croud’ went wild.


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