Looking for authors and coders!

Well, I decided to make my team up to seven people. I need authors, people who will post often and be responsible. Coders, people who will make this website better. I currently have 3 people on my team. EmoEyedFreak, Popular Jumper, and I, Super Thunder make up the administrator team.


17 thoughts on “Looking for authors and coders!

  1. *thinks*yay!nows my chance to be an author* well can i be an author?i will post lyrics for music is my life!it says so here at youtube.com/user/therainclanofepicnes. thats my youtube channel. =D

  2. Well, can you make me an author? I usually will be busy sometimes, but I think I can reasearch stuff around the Internet! I hope you know my E-mail address! I can tell you that there are some extra stuff just for fun! I think I can make new costumes, too! 😉

  3. Hi, Super Thunder! I am willing to be an author on your blog. I am a member, so I could post updates on new store items or maybe on daily pop sneak peeks. If you want to know, I would be available in the early mornings , after school and at night. My username is psophia, in case you would like to look at my avatar in the studio.

  4. *thinks*plz let me be an author plz let me be an author plz let me be an author plz let me be an author plz let me be an author plz let me be an author plz let me be an author*i hope i can be an author i will post lyrics of songs people request

    • Savannah, before she adds you, make sure you have a wordpress account and sign in and make this comment again I guess. xD Then she might add u.

    • Happy thunder, please stop. We’re all tired of this mess. We are going to find a 7th, but please, just stop. If you continue, we might have to block you from this blog. I’m just saying.
      *walks away*
      Now how am I supposed to block ppl?

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