Christmas Buffet for Members + Non-Members

Hi!! I’m having a buffet for members!!

Ha Ha!! πŸ˜†

*sighz* For anyone!!!!


super thunder has cookies and I don’t want ppl nagging her if she has none. So, I’m helping her out so she wouldn’t be stressed. The buffet is deticated to Super Thunder!! Merry Xmas!!

then Starbucks Cocoa!!

Now the lunch!!!!!!!!

Now for the lunch drinks!!

and [soda]


Now for the dinner and Desserts!!



and dinner drinks!!

it's root beer!! I just want to help Super thunder

dessert along with super thunder’s cookies just to help her out.

Mnm Cake!! Merry X-mas!!


Even it tastes good!!

Good Buffet. The only thing good is its for Super Thunder.

Bye!! Merry X-mas!! πŸ˜€

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I am 11 and I love playing poptropica and club penguin. My penguin's name on Club Penguin is Demilavato43. My penguin Demilavato43 was banned forever. My new penguin is Demilavato66. Speedy Melon July 2009- Feburary 2010 Greedy Storm February 2010- August 2010 Scary Shell August 2010- November 2010 Popular Jumper November 2010- present CP: Demilavato43 July 2009-December 2010 December 2010- present Reason: Banned Forever and Un-banned Penguin Demilavato66 December 2010-Present Reason: Renewed Penguin and Other Penguin My hobbies are Swimming, Playing Online, Talking, Playing Bellkit, Watching Tv, etc. My bff in real life introduced me to Poptropica last year. She's been playing it for a long time. I introduced myself to Club Penguin last year (2009). Justin Bieber: Unlike other girls, I don't like him as much. I have a list of reasons: 1. He always writes about girls and nothing else!! 2. He hangs out with girls: attempting to kiss her in the limo. 3. He is obsessed with girls!! 4. He has girl-like hair!!!! 5. He sings like a girl!! and 6. His mom still treats him like a spoiled 11-year old!! And I am a girl and I am 11. *thinks* No offense!! Anyways, some people make me mad like Nicholas and Smart Paw (one person into two)!! And some ppl in Club Penguin!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, I'm a nice girl in reality. I am 11 and I have a sister (in real). She is Sameri555 on Club Penguin and she's a poptropican in Poptropica. My sister is nice. My parents swore to us that they would never divorce. They fight sometimes. I don't like Justin Bieber, but I like Lady Gaga (she's wierd, but she sings good!!) and Katy Perry and Demi Lovato!! My b-day is Done now. On July 31st it's my bday. So I turn 12 on 7/31/11!!!!!!!!!! About The Demilavato43 ban: My mom called Club Penguin and explained my disorder (Autisim) to Nathan of CP Support. They un-banned me and set me on Ultimate Safe Chat. I got LUCKY. But If I swear or if I'm mean they will ban me forever and they won't let me back on.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Buffet for Members + Non-Members

  1. Stop It!Your making me hungry!i havent had food for 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 days!
    Super Thunder: You haven’t lived that long. πŸ˜€
    Popular Jumper: You didn’t live that long. *gives buffet*

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