A Poptropican Xmas Carol

Merry X-mas!! It’s Popular Jumper and I have a Scrooge-Like story called A poptropican X-mas Carol!!

A Popular Jumper Productions

Once Upon a Time, There was a lonely Poptropican named Lonely Widow and he spent all his days working at the Poptropica Pop Shop in Main Sreet and he spent ALL his nights counting his credits in Mews Mansion on Cryptids Island. Here is a fun story!!

lonely widow: Thirty Three, Thirty four, thirty—

Cheerful Rainbow: Merry Christmas, Lonely Widow!! 😀

Lonely Widow: Ahh Hum-bug!! You interupted my coin-counting!!

Cheerful Rainbow: Haven’t you heard? There’s a Christmas Bash in Reality Tv Island!!

Lonely Widow: So?

Cheerful Rainbow: So you let me have the day off every Christmas!!

Lonely Widow: Go away and do whatever u want, Rainbow!!

*cheerful rainbow leaves excitedly out*

lonely widow: Look at him: Curse him!! Where was i on my credit-counting? Oh Yeah!! Thirty-Five, Thirty-Six, Thirty

*a ghost of an old friend shows up*


Daring Skull: Hello Widow

lonley widow: WHAT IN THE WORLD DO YOU WANT??????????

Daring Skull: Remember ME? I was your best friend, widow. Remember?

lonely widow: *shakes scaredly* N—nnnnnnn-oooooooooo?

Daring Skull: Well Then. At 12:00 midnight on December 25, 2 ghosts will appear.

Kid in Narrator’s room: You mean 3 ghosts?


Kid in Narrator’s room: *screams and crys out of room* MOMMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOOMMMMMY!!!!!!!!!!!

Daring Skull: One is Ghost of Christmas Past, Ghost of Christmas Present and Ghost of Christmas Future.

lonely widow: I ain’t scared of those ghosts!!

Daring Skull: I’m not kidding!! job-less freak!! Not now, but you will be!!

*clock strikes 12am midnight*

*ghost appears*

Ghost of Christmas Past: Hello!

Lonely Widow: Whhhhhat do ya want??

Ghost of Christmas Past: I’m here to show you christmas past!!

Widow: What?

Ghost of Christmas Past: You’ll see!! Take my hand!!

*Widow reluctantly takes his hand and he takes him to the past*

Widow: Where am I?

Ghost of Christmas Past: You’re in December 2009 with some real friends.

Widow: Who are they?

Ghost of Christmas Past: See, Speedy Melon, Jeff Kinney, Green Moon, and your brother, Awesome Widow and your sister Black Widow who was then nicer and not a thief.

Widow: What was my name?

Ghost of Christmas Past: *sighz* Ok. *sighz* Your name is Lonely Widow now, but your name was Popular Widow then.

Widow: So I was Happy?

Ghost of Christmas Past: Believe it or not, you were cheerful. And you have had a girlfriend.

Widow: Who?

Ghost of Christmas Past: Caring Rainbow: now even better without you.

Widow: So she dumped me?

Ghost of Christmas Past: Yes.


Widow: 19, 20, 21, 22, 23

Caring Rainbow: Hi, do you want to have fun in the living room?

Widow: What fun?

Caring Rainbow: We Even were going to watch a movie called Tron.

Widow: Go Away, ugly lady!!

Caring: *gasps and cries* WE’RE OVER!!!

*Flashback ends*

Widow: Oh my gosh, I was so mean to her. I wish I never said that to hurt her.

Ghost of Christmas Past: I know. I secretly called you a jerk.

Widow: 😐

Ghost of Christmas Past: Widow: fun’s over. I gotta go do it to the grinch.

Widow: Ahh! I’m glads that’s over!!

Ghost of Christmas Present: Wrong again, my friend.

Widow: Ahh!! Go Away!!

Ghost of Christmas Present: no. I’m here to show you now.

Widow: Ok.

Ghost of Christmas Present: Step into my hand.

Widow: Isn’t it like a ball?

Ghost of Christmas Present: Shut up, widow.

Widow: Okay.

*Lonely Widow steps into her hand and they stomp into Caring Rainbow’s apartment*

Ghost of Christmas Present: Your ex girlfriend started a family.

*Widow looks through the window and sees Caring Rainbow and her fiancee and children*

Widow: 😮 Only she stinks!!

Ghost of Christmas Present: You don’t think that.

Widow: *thinks* I don’t. How do I tell her in the nicest of ways?

Ghost of Christmas Present: Be with flowers and other lovey-dovey things.

Widow: Ok.

*Lonely Widow knocks on door and she says*

Caring Rainbow: GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Widow: YOU DON’T KNOW WHO IT IS!!!!!!!!

Caring: I know it’s you, Lonely!! If you want me back, it’s too late!

Scary Rainbow: Mommy, who’s he?

Caring: Oh, he is just a jerk.

Popular Rainbow: Mom, Dad, don’t fight!!

Caring: We are NOT fighting. I’m talking about an ex-boyfriend  coming here.

Widow: Come on!!

Caring: Come in!

*lonely widow opens door*

Caring: What do you want?

Widow: I’m sorry I mistreated you earlier.

Caring: Are you?

Widow: U r beutiful and I do. I didn’t want to be the jerk i am today.

Caring: I’m sorry, but I want to be friends with you. but i have a boyfriend and he is nicer.

gaming flounder: r u hitting on my girl?

Caring: Honey, no.

gaming: STAY AWAY FROM MY LADY!!!!!!!!!!!  😡  😡  😡  😡

Caring: He is just a friend!!!!!!!!! 😡

gaming: stop bieng a dumb drama queen!!

Caring: you stop bieng a jerk and start bieng the sweetie i met in April 2010!!!!!!!!

*Gaming Flounder punches Caring Rainbow in the face*


*Caring Rainbow looks for her phone but she can’t find it*

Gaming: Looking for this?

Caring: GIVE ME BACK MY PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Widow: Have my phones!!!!

*Lonely Widow gives back 100 phones to Caring Rainbow*

Caring Rainbow: thanks. 🙂

Ghost of  Christmas Future: Time to die. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!

Widow and Caring: *screamz* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

*a grave appears*

Ghost of Christmas Present: I’m out of here Fast!! Out of here!! losers!! PEACE!!

Caring: That was stupid.

Widow: I know and WERE GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caring: I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Widow: Caring, before we die, I just want to say: I’m sorry. I’m sorry for bieng a jerk when we were dating. I realised I waz meant to be with you. You are beutiful. A loser like me doesn’t deserve an awesome girl just like you. 😥

Caring: you mean that?

Widow: Of course i’m sorry. I mean everything I just said to you. I understood why we broke up March 27, 2010. I was bieng heartless and I know my heart belongs with you.

Caring: Aww. That’s so sweet. I’m breaking up with my abusive boyfriend Gaming Flounder. I don’t want him near my kids. But I know I want you to be near my kids.

Widow: I would love to be with the new adorable faces with you: Caring Rainbow: The most beutiful Poptropican Girl In man and woman’s world!! I have a feeling we’re going to be together forever.

Caring: I just thought that too.

Widow and Caring: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Widow: 💡

Caring: What?

Widow: I am a miner in Nabooti Island. I know by 6:00 we will be in the poptropican world.

Caring: What Island?

*lonely widow looks at his map*

Widow: Counterfiet Island!!

Caring: No! I want to go to Cryptids Island.

Widow: I can teleport. Can you?

Caring: Yes!!

Widow: I want to go to Cryptids, too.

Caring: Anywhere you’re at, I want to be there.

Widow: Let’s Teleport!!

Caring: Ok!! 😀

Widow: 😀

*they teleport to cryptids*

Caring: Where are you going?

Widow: Telling Mews I’m moving in with you. I didn’t care alot for his wierd mansion!!

Caring: Are you moving in with me?

Widow: Yes, If you want me to.

Caring: I want to be with you in my new mansion i bought for all of us!!  Later on we will move in!!

Widow: Later today?

Caring: Of course!!

Well, they got married on April 29, 2011 and had four more kids. They named them: Scary Guy Widow, Hyper Widow, White Widow, Sleepy Widow, and that’s it. Scary Guy Widow died on January 1, 2012. They had 0 fights which they died of old age in 2066. The End.

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I am 11 and I love playing poptropica and club penguin. My penguin's name on Club Penguin is Demilavato43. My penguin Demilavato43 was banned forever. My new penguin is Demilavato66. Speedy Melon July 2009- Feburary 2010 Greedy Storm February 2010- August 2010 Scary Shell August 2010- November 2010 Popular Jumper November 2010- present CP: Demilavato43 July 2009-December 2010 December 2010- present Reason: Banned Forever and Un-banned Penguin Demilavato66 December 2010-Present Reason: Renewed Penguin and Other Penguin My hobbies are Swimming, Playing Online, Talking, Playing Bellkit, Watching Tv, etc. My bff in real life introduced me to Poptropica last year. She's been playing it for a long time. I introduced myself to Club Penguin last year (2009). Justin Bieber: Unlike other girls, I don't like him as much. I have a list of reasons: 1. He always writes about girls and nothing else!! 2. He hangs out with girls: attempting to kiss her in the limo. 3. He is obsessed with girls!! 4. He has girl-like hair!!!! 5. He sings like a girl!! and 6. His mom still treats him like a spoiled 11-year old!! And I am a girl and I am 11. *thinks* No offense!! Anyways, some people make me mad like Nicholas and Smart Paw (one person into two)!! And some ppl in Club Penguin!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, I'm a nice girl in reality. I am 11 and I have a sister (in real). She is Sameri555 on Club Penguin and she's a poptropican in Poptropica. My sister is nice. My parents swore to us that they would never divorce. They fight sometimes. I don't like Justin Bieber, but I like Lady Gaga (she's wierd, but she sings good!!) and Katy Perry and Demi Lovato!! My b-day is Done now. On July 31st it's my bday. So I turn 12 on 7/31/11!!!!!!!!!! About The Demilavato43 ban: My mom called Club Penguin and explained my disorder (Autisim) to Nathan of CP Support. They un-banned me and set me on Ultimate Safe Chat. I got LUCKY. But If I swear or if I'm mean they will ban me forever and they won't let me back on.

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