We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Christmas comes in 6 days!! I have a Style and a skit!!

The Style is first!!

This style is The Rich Rocker Girl.

  1. Using the Customizer, copy black pants, polka-dotted belt, and copy the red velvet dress from a poptropican in a multi-player room.

2.If you are a member and if you have 75 credits, buy the pop star costume. Copy the hair, bangs, microphone,   and the lips (optional) or use the smile (not showing teeth smile) on the poptropican.

3.Go use the pigments in Early Poptropica Island and change your skin color. Use the  Tan Skin Color.

4. Then, go to 24 Carrot Island and drink the black drink in the 24 carrot diner.

The Result:

Now the skit.

The Fight Before Christmas:

Narrator: There was once a family; not just a family, a family who hated CHRISTMAS!! Yes, they were very nice people, every day except December 25th. Now to the story…

Dad: Look at those LOSERS!! They are jolly at christmas: I THINK NOT!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡

Mom: Oh Gosh!! Kids: we gotta steal every tiny BIT of the christmas joy!!

Kids: I’ll start with the next neighborhood!! that will show them Christmas is no fun!!

*at the school*

Narrator: Children drew pictures of Stockings, Jesus, Toys, and even MORE!! The Family’s Kids drew nasty pictures.

Kids: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Janes: Alright Children!! This is the right time to show how fun Christmas Is!! way fun, it is!! *giggles*

Children: Look!! The Kids are drawing Sandy dust., Santa dead, Satan killing Jesus. 😥  EVEN MORE!!!!!!!

😥    😥    😥  😥   😥    😥    😥    😥    😥    😥

Mrs. Janes: Kids, why are you drawing such Nasty things?

Kids: We hate christmas!!!!!!!!!!!

Narrator: Mrs. Janes was thinking “How could you say that! Christmas is Fun!!” but she said nicer things.

Mrs. Janes: Why would you hate Christmas?

Kids: It’s not a good time for us. Every day on Christmas, Our Family Members die. 😥  😥  😥  😥

Mrs. Janes: You should cherish the memories instead of bieng devastated about your losses.

Kids: We WILL do that!!!!

Narrator: The Family had a better Christmas because of Mrs. Janes. She taught them to have fun on Christmas!! They learned to like christmas. I’ll tell you what could have happened: On The 25th, The Family did bad deeds that ruined Christmas!! Dad: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO A NO GOOD MISTLETOE!!!!! PUCKER UP AND KISS MY BUTT!!!!!!!!!! They could have gone to a bad place. But they didn’t. They went to heaven.

Story over. I am Narrator and that didn’t happen. What really happened was they apologized for thier bad deeds and gave   back everything they took. They had fun times.

The End.

I wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! 😀 😀

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I am 11 and I love playing poptropica and club penguin. My penguin's name on Club Penguin is Demilavato43. My penguin Demilavato43 was banned forever. My new penguin is Demilavato66. Speedy Melon July 2009- Feburary 2010 Greedy Storm February 2010- August 2010 Scary Shell August 2010- November 2010 Popular Jumper November 2010- present CP: Demilavato43 July 2009-December 2010 December 2010- present Reason: Banned Forever and Un-banned Penguin Demilavato66 December 2010-Present Reason: Renewed Penguin and Other Penguin My hobbies are Swimming, Playing Online, Talking, Playing Bellkit, Watching Tv, etc. My bff in real life introduced me to Poptropica last year. She's been playing it for a long time. I introduced myself to Club Penguin last year (2009). Justin Bieber: Unlike other girls, I don't like him as much. I have a list of reasons: 1. He always writes about girls and nothing else!! 2. He hangs out with girls: attempting to kiss her in the limo. 3. He is obsessed with girls!! 4. He has girl-like hair!!!! 5. He sings like a girl!! and 6. His mom still treats him like a spoiled 11-year old!! And I am a girl and I am 11. *thinks* No offense!! Anyways, some people make me mad like Nicholas and Smart Paw (one person into two)!! And some ppl in Club Penguin!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, I'm a nice girl in reality. I am 11 and I have a sister (in real). She is Sameri555 on Club Penguin and she's a poptropican in Poptropica. My sister is nice. My parents swore to us that they would never divorce. They fight sometimes. I don't like Justin Bieber, but I like Lady Gaga (she's wierd, but she sings good!!) and Katy Perry and Demi Lovato!! My b-day is Done now. On July 31st it's my bday. So I turn 12 on 7/31/11!!!!!!!!!! About The Demilavato43 ban: My mom called Club Penguin and explained my disorder (Autisim) to Nathan of CP Support. They un-banned me and set me on Ultimate Safe Chat. I got LUCKY. But If I swear or if I'm mean they will ban me forever and they won't let me back on.

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