-jEllo- is in da HOUSEEE! :D

Hi, sorry I haven’t posted yet. xD My name is -jEllo-, or call me jelly. Anyways, here’s a post from da CREATOR’S BLOGEH. ❤

You like us! You really like us!

Google just released their most popular search terms for 2010, and we were number 5 in video game searches! Thanks to all the Poptropicans for making Poptropica such a fantastic site! We’re planning a LOT more for 2011. More islands, more games, more store items!

avatar image


So, that’s all. I hope I get 2 know u guys bettah!

Dis is jelly, SIGNING OUT. 😀


2 thoughts on “-jEllo- is in da HOUSEEE! :D

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