I need another author!

Well, I need another author. Make a comment, or email me if you want to ba an author! You will be more easily picked if: you have Membership, have defeated at least three islands, and are a boy. Anyone can be an author, but these things just mak life easier for me. Here is why: Membership, because then you can have a multiverse when needed, and can have access to new islands to help and can take pictures of more costumes. Defeated at least three Islands, because then you have more knowledge about Poptropica. And boy, because I need help with getting guy pictures. But, if you are none of these, you can still become an author!


19 thoughts on “I need another author!

  1. I’m a boy, have defeated all islands, and have membership, so i can do it
    Super Thunder: Sure! That would be great! Just make a wordpress account and I will add you.

  2. Super Thunder, you made some spelling mistakes on this page!

    These are the mistakes:

    “Make a comment, or email me if you want to ba an author! ”

    “Anyone can be an author, but these things just mak life easier for me.”

    I think that’s the only mistakes you made!

    Super Thunder: You’re right. Sigh. But I’m too lazy to correct them.

  3. I’m a girl, but I have 4 boy accounts. Also, I don’t have membership, but defeated all of the islands. oh, and I already have the multiverse card.
    Super Thunder: That’s soo cool! Do you want to be an author then? You and Asia Love too? Just make a wordpress account.

  4. I am a member, I have to beat skullduggery, and I have a wordpress account. Matter of fact, the guy’s name is -jEllo-. I’ll sign into it right now.
    Super Thunder: Awesome! You can totally be an author! What email did you use to make a wordpress account?

  5. What about me!
    i like your blog!
    I have a boy account.
    But no membership.
    Although I use different accounts with multiverse on it.

    Super Thunder: Ok! I just added you! Just post your first ost when you feel like it!

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