Cave of a Crawfish

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Detention went well, until I started talking to other kids about caves. Not nearly as interesting as gum I say. It went like this:

Super Thunder: So, anyway, Captain Crawfish got caves!

Detention teacher (Ms. Pehrson): *sigh* Bella, are you ever going to learn the school rules?

Super Thunder: Actually Ms. Pehrson, don’t I have a 99.3% in your class?

Ms. Pehrson: Um, actually, Bella, it’s a 99.2%.But what’s this about a Crewfish? And wasn’t I talking about rules?

Super Thunder: Ah yes. I really see a big difference. And… Ms. Pehrson? Hate to tell you, but according to all my other teachers, I’m
an angel. I never break school rules. And about Crawfish, it goes like this…

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Take a look at this creepy cave entrance. What do you suppose lives in there?

Dare you to go in first!

avatar image

Pehrson: Bella, Bella, Bella.
Super Thunder: *pop* Oops…
Pehrson: That’s IT Isabella!
Sigh. Now you see why I have problems with Ms. Pehrson.

2 thoughts on “Cave of a Crawfish

  1. Ms. Pehrson hates me. 😦 I never did anything wrong, except maybe pop my Spooktacular, Winter, Flame, and Classic popgum. Not my fault that she has a problem with popgum. And there’s really no need to “Bella!” at me everytime I do something “wrong”.

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